Our Locations

Welcome to our Distribution Yard...

Having visited our showroom and made your selection, you are now ready to pick up your product at our Distribution Yard. As well if you are returning* any un-used products or empty pallets be sure to drop them off at our Distribution Yard.

Drop by and visit us today...

Looking for bulk material, concrete products, natural stone, fountains, and more? If you already know what products you require, please come to our Distribution Yard, we are always happy to serve you.

Please be advised, if you are returning product, there is generally a 15% re-stocking fee. Please return all products in a clean "ready to sell" condition.

NOTE we cannot accept any returns on any of our bulk materials; no exceptions.

Please go to our Distribution Yard if you have already chosen your product and want to pick up or are returning product/empty pallets. As well, if you are looking for Natural Stone or fountains, then the Distribution Yard will be best for viewing these items. Please note that if you are going to pick product up you can pay for it at the Yard; you do not have to pay at the showroom first.

Please note that all orders for pick up or delivery can be made in person at the showroom or by phone, 604-540-0333.

Welcome to our Showroom...

Come to our showroom to see our product on display for you to view and to talk to our dedicated sales team where you can place orders for delivery or for pickup at the Distribution Yard.

Are you a Contractor?

Contractors, Please use our showroom as an extension to your office. It is there for your convenience so you can meet with your clients and decide on just the right product for their project.