ROMEX CANADA is the exclusive supplier of the German-engineered ROMEX hardscape solutions product line to Canada and the US Pacific North West.

Romex Easy Bucket

Product Name: Romex Easy Bucket

Product ID: PV-ACC-ROM-354-EZBUC-

Manufacturer: Romex

ROMPOX® - EASY is a mixed and ready to use 1-component pavement jointing mortar. After application it hardens/cures with air/oxygen and thus comes vacuum packed. Thanks to it’s ease of use, this highly water permeable jointing mortar is ideal for DIY enthusiasts. ROMPOX® - EASY is used all around the house such as patios, footpaths and surfaces that have occasional light vehicle loads (with non settling, water permeable foundation beds). The pavement jointing mortar can be used with almost all natural stones, natural and concrete stone slabs as well as clinker stone surfaces.


Rompox Profi-Deko

Product Name: Rompox Profi-Deko


Manufacturer: Romex

Highly water permeable professional gravel binder for washed, dry and dust-free aggregate. Prevent gravel displacement and reduce ongoing maintenance by creating a strong, visually appealing bound gravel surface. High-strength binder makes Profi-DEKO perfect for pathways, tree pits and decorative gravel areas. Resistant to ants, weeds, frost, de-icing salt and is pressure washer safe.


Romex Eco Fine

Product Name: Romex Eco Fine

Product ID: PV-ACC-ROM-1945-ECOFINE-

Manufacturer: Romex

ROMPOX® - EASY Eco-Fine is a ready-mixed, 1-component paving joint mortar made from 98% natural, recycled, or renewable raw materials and produced with our own solar power. The mortar is vacuum packed and hardens/cures after reacting with air. Thanks to its simple application, this highly water-permeable jointing mortar is ideal for professionals and do-it-yourselfers and keeps the joints unsealed. ROMPOX® - EASY Eco-Fine is used around the house on patios, pathways and driveways with light, occasional car traffic (with non-settling, water-permeable bedding). The paving joint mortar is also particularly suitable for porcelain, ceramic & sensitive surfaces, thanks to it’s resin film free finish.


Romex Fugensand

Product Name: Romex Fugensand

Product ID: PV-ACC-ROM-180-FUG-

Manufacturer: Romex


The solid jointing sand that prevents weeds.


ROMPOX® - JOINTING SAND NP is a jointing sand for water permeable joints, that prevents weed growth and is made mainly of natural raw materials. Thanks to it’s uncomplicated and quick application,ROMPOX® - JOINTING SAND NP is ideal for narrow joints, especially with interlocking paving stones on patios and driveways as well as in public spaces. The binding agent ensures that when small joint cracks come into contact with water, they repair themselves. ROMPOX® - JOINTING SAND NP is more durable than all other unbonded joint fillings and fulfi lls the requirements of the AgBB-Scheme according to testing by the eco-Institute in Köln.



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Romex Drain

Product Name: Romex Drain

Product ID: PV-ACC-ROM-446-DRAIN

Manufacturer: Romex

Romex Drain. For Pedestrian to Light Traffic Loads. The Permeable Paving Jointing Mortar.