We often are asked the question, "Do you deliver?" The answer to that is "We certainly do - in more ways than one". We work hard at Landscape Centre to provide you with the best possible service and have earned the reputation of doing so. We have invested in our own delivery trucks in order to give us the best possible control, which allows us to give you the best possible service.

Meet the Trucks





We have a number of trucks to service you. We run two Crane trucks, one of which is equipped with a dump box in order to accommodate the delivery of both concrete products on pallets as well as some bulk materials you may need. If this option works for your project it will cut down on delivery costs.

We also have two dump trucks (one of which was mentioned above). We can generally carry up to 8 yards of a lighter product (e.g. soil, bark mulch) and 5 yards of a heavier product (e.g. sand, gravel) on the larger truck and the smaller truck will accommodate 5 cubic yards of a lighter product and approximately 3 yards of a heavier product.

We also have a forklift truck which is equipped with a forklift so we can get the product right where you need it in a timely fashion. We can deliver up to 22 pallets of pavers or about 19 pallets of retaining wall blocks for larger or commercial jobs.

Special Delivery Needs

There may be circumstances that require an extra long reach from the truck or specific placing of products. Please be sure to let us know.

There may also be times you require bulk product delivered in the large, one cubic yard tote bags. We are equipped to do this for you. Please note however, that these tote bags are only allowed to be used one time only so we are not able to re-fill the same tote bag for a second delivery.