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At Landscape Centre our number one priority is you! Landscape Centre Inc. is a landscape supplier providing quality landscape products for all your residential or commercial needs. You are always welcome to visit our showroom, where you can browse through our various products available for your landscape projects, regardless of weather.

The Showroom

If you are at the stage of looking for products, then the showroom, located at 75 Blue Mountain Street, Coquitlam, is the place to be.

The Distribution Yard

Ready to pick up product or bulk material? Then head on over to the distribution yard located at 2350 United Blvd.

Our Story

As we just celebrated the last 33 years in business, we thank all of you who were a part of getting us here.

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Distribution Yard

We Are Hiring!

Check out our careers page for current vacancies.

Celebrating 32 Years!

32 how the time has flown by. It seems that it was only yesterday that this journey began. Most businesses are driven by sales numbers, quotas, and short & long term goals but most importantly numbers. The part that has always made Landscape Centre different is that it has always been about people. During the process of trying our hardest to build & forge relationships with our customers & suppliers, 32 years have managed to pass. Our only real goal throughout this journey has been to do the best we can and try our hardest to make our customers happy, not always achievable but certainly not from a lack of effort.

The last few years have been incredibly difficult for all of us for a multitude of reasons and we are currently addressing that with some new additions to our team so that we can bring our service back to pre Covid levels. We just want to thank our customers, suppliers, and our staff for everything they've done to help/support our continued success over the past 32 years and look forward to being here for you for the next 32 years.