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COVID-19 Landscape Centre Updates

At Landscape Centre our number one priority is you! Landscape Centre Inc. is a landscape supplier providing quality landscape products for all your residential or commercial needs. You are always welcome to visit our showroom, where you can browse through our various products available for your landscape projects, regardless of weather.

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Custom Calculators

Landscape Centre works hard to make your job easier. We have custom built, mobile friendly, calculators on our website. Do you get weary of working out how many square feet/pieces of pavers are required for the various patterns? Or how to work out how much clear crush you need for that retaining wall? We have done all that for you! Start using this today.

Go to our calculators page  here

Porcelain Slabs

Porcelain slabs are perfect for terraces, roof decks, patios, court yards, swimming pools, water features or any traditional hardscape areas. Porcelain slabs deliver performance, style, versatility and are resistant to staining, fading, marking, chemicals and extreme weather. It is the ideal choice for residential or commercial outdoor applications but can also be used indoors for aesthetic continuity.

Available Sizes:

See our full line of porcelain slabs  here.

Get Your Gloves At Landscape Centre!

Now that Spring is here, be sure to drop by either the Showroom or Distribution Yard to stock up on some much needed gloves. Select just the right glove for the different aspects of your project requirements.

See all our gloves here

Two Locations

SHOWROOM, If you are at the stage of looking for products, then the showroom, located at 75 Blue Mountain Street, Coquitlam, is the place to be.

DISTRIBUTION YARD, Ready to pick up product? The distribution yard located at 2350 United Blvd. is the place to be.

OUR STORY, As we just celebrated the last 28 years in business, we thank all of you who were a part of getting us here.
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Landscape Centre Inc Distribution Yard Stage 2 Policies

Please note that we are now open for STAGE 2 business, this does not mean business as normal.

BULK MATERIALS, we are only allowing the pickup of Bulk Materials in 1/2 yard increments when we can load in open trucks/trailers using our loader (our pailing/bucketing program is CLOSED until further notice). For safety's sake we can not keep the equipment clean/safe for customers, we can not ensure proper social distancing between customers in bins, and ultimately there is always a lot of people perspiring and wiping their facial area multiple times during this process and potentially spreading a virus, knowingly or not. This creates many potential issues for our staff to maintain a clean environment when shovels, buckets, door knobs/ railings, counters, Credit Card machines, water coolers, etc become potentially contaminated. When we feel that it is safe for our customers and staff to reopen this portion of our business we will, but not before then.

CONCRETE PRODUCTS, we are accepting phone in orders (placed a minimum 2 hours in advance) and these orders will have priority loading over drive in customers. Our staff will load open/trucks trailers, but customers are expected to self load all SUV's/cars/etc. to avoid contact with your vehicle and yourself. 

RETURNS, we are now accepting returns of pallets & product BUT all returned product will be quarantined (we don't know where your product has been or who has come in contact with it) in our yard until our staff are comfortable and feel it is safe to go through/count/restock your return. This may be a few hours or days and a credit will be issued at that time and not before then. It is encouraged that you count your own product (and take a photo) prior to returning for your own records, but ultimately our counts will be reflected in the final credit. 

There will be NO WALKING /SHOPPING/BROWSING in our yard at this time. Please remain in or with your vehicle at all times once in our yard.

PAYMENT, our Cash Office is open for payment only. WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING /TAKING ORDERS AT THIS TIME. Please call 604.540.0333 to place all orders. Only 1 person is allowed in the office at a time, and we ask that you enter through Door 1 and exit via Door 2 to minimize contact with the next customer. Do not touch anything in the office you aren't planning on purchasing to maintain safety. Please note our Customer Washroom will be closed until further notice, sorry for any inconvenience.

We respectfully ask that physical distance be maintained at all times in our yard, please don't be offended if our staff reminds you of this, it for everyone's safety.

If you have traveled outside the province, have been in contact with a confirmed COVID 19 positive individual or if you feel unwell (sore throat, trouble breathing, fever, fatigue, loss of taste, smell or appetite) please wait to visit our yard.

Please remember that it is not business as normal and we are doing our best to assist you safely during this time. Anger, frustration, foul language, and generally not being a good human will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave the premises until you are able to conduct yourself in a positive manner.

Landscape Centre Inc Showroom Stage 2 Policies

Landscape Centre Showroom will be open with Stage 2 Policies in place, it is not business as normal.

Our Showroom will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (we have to do this to ensure the health & safety of you, the customer and our staff). You can book appointments by calling 604.540.0333 or emailing, you will receive an email confirming your appointment and what to expect when visiting during your appointment.

We would like to go through some changes and what to expect during your staff assisted viewing appointment at our Showroom.We will allow the use of our Showroom for viewing of products, while maintaining safety & proper distancing for yourselves and our staff. We respectfully ask that your appointment is limited to 2 adults (plus your contractor), this will allow us to focus on your visit and maximize your time during this 25 minute appointment (yes we book a 30 minute appointment but we will require 5 minutes between appointments to properly clean for the next appointment to be able to maintain the health & safety of our next guests. We will also politely inform you when there is 10 minutes left in your appointment to ensure we can fulfill all the information you require within your appointment). This visit will start with a locked door and only the pre booked appointment holder will be allowed in the Showroom during their allotted time. The Showroom will be closed once you are inside for your safety. We ask that you refrain from touching anything in our Showroom while visiting to ensure the safety of others to follow. Please come prepared (visit for more information on all our products) to view all samples and gain information as we have limited staff and time so we want to make the most of our time together. During these appointments, we will not be doing calculations for quantities, design ideas, or quotes (these can be done via phone or email). We are strictly focusing on products, sizes, colours. We will not be allowing sample boards to be taken/returned and we will be more than happy to provide paper brochures for all products once you have narrowed down your selections during Stage 2 for everyone's health & safety. Please note our public washrooms will be closed during this time as well.

If you have traveled outside the province, have been in contact with a confirmed COVID 19 positive individual or if you feel unwell (sore throat, trouble breathing, fever, fatigue, loss of taste, smell or appetite) please wait to schedule your appointment.

We understand that these rules/requests may not be perfect for everyone and we do apologize for that but we all need to do our parts to ensure the health, safety, and well being of mankind. 

Please note that if our protocols are not adhered to, our staff have the right to ask you to leave our premises.

Lance Schindel
Landscape Centre Inc.