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Water Gardens: Imagine the Possibilities

Water Gardens

water gardens

We've got everything you need for your pond or water garden. You really must come and visit our indoor Water Garden Show Room.

  • Pumps
  • filters
  • liners
  • fountain jets and valves
  • water treatments
  • test kits
  • fish food
  • nets
  • lights
  • foggers
  • statuary
  • featherock water features
  • hose clamps
  • pebble ponds
  • table top fountains
  • water spitters and much more.

Water Garden Gallery: Imagine Relax Enjoy

  • Featherock Waterfall
    Feather Rock makes every water garden unique.
  • Featherock Carve
    Feather Rock: Carve it out the way you want it to look. Yes that is right - Rock you can easily carve!! Enjoy the possiblities.
  • Featherock
    We've got lots of Featherock just waiting for you!!
  • Featherock01
  • Featherock
    Use Feather Rock as an Accent to any landscape feature.
  • Featherock Pond
  • Featherock02
  • Fether Rock03
    Using Feather Rock as an accent to the landscape.
  • Pond01
    Use of Natural Stone for a pond.
  • Pond02
    Indoor Pond - we told you to use your imagination!
  • Pond03
  • Pond04
  • Pond05
  • Pond06
  • Pond07
  • Pond08
  • Pond09
  • Pond10
  • Pond11
  • Pond12
  • Pond13
  • Pond14
  • Pond15
  • Pond16


Landscape Centre Inc. is your supplier of Concrete Fountains from the following Manufactures. Feel free to visit their websites for more information. Give us a call to check on availabitlity.

Landscape Centre Inc. carries bridges for your water garden. You may select from cedar or granite bridges.Shown below is the Marutabashi (Log Bridge) available in the following sizes: 45cm, 60cm, 120cm, 180cm, 150cm. Also shown is a cedar bridge with rails.

Granite BridgeCedar Bridge


Featherock is real stone - a distinctive silver grey color that comes from only one place - the rugged Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Featherock is natural, unicellular, lightweight stone of volcanic origin. Exquisite and enduring, each Featherock size and shape as nature intended. It is chemically neutral and compatible with a wide range of plant material. Only your mind limits it's uses. Featherock can be shaped using an axe, drill, saw, chisel, wire brush, or rasp.

For more information visit

Basalt and Basalt Gurglers
Basalt is an excellent choice as a natural stone water feature. Whether you wish to add a natural basalt bench or basalt gurglers we have what you need to create a natural soothing water feature.

Other natural stone you may want to consider in the construction of your water garden include:

At Landscape Centre Inc. we make sure we can help you with every step of your project. You do not need to run around to differnt stores to find what you need - we have it here. Below is a list of the accessories you may require for your water garden project.

  • Fish
  • Fish Food
  • Lighting
  • Nets
  • Plants
  • Treatments/Medicines


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