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Bulk Material

Bulk Material - We Deliver
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Soils Description Typical uses
Mushroom Manure
Mushroom Manure. Click image to close.
Mushroom Manure A rich material to add to any lawn or garden bed.
Garden Mix
Premium Top Soil. Click image to close.
Premium Top Soil
25% Washed Sand,
75% Composted green waste and manures.
Recommended uses: Vegetable and flower gardens.
Top Soil
Turf Blend. Click to close.
Turf Blend
50% Washed Sand,
50% Manures
Excellent soil for use in building a lawn or top dressing.
River Rock Description Typical uses
Pea Gravel
River Stone 1/2". Click to close.
River Stone
Various uses: This can be used for various purposes. Some include, drainage areas where fine particles are desired, pathways, base material where clear drainage is required.
River Rock
1 1/4" River Rock. Click to close.
1 1/4" River Rock
Chilliwack River Rock

Various uses range from pathways (interspersed with patio slabs), common areas, drainage areas where you desire a product more aesthetically pleasing than a crushed gravel.

Note this product will remain loose and not compact and so is not good for use as a pathway on it's own.

River Rock
2" - 6" River Rock. Click to close.
2" - 6" River Rock
Chilliwack River Rock
Commonly used in drainage areas. Can be used in common areas where you desire pleasing ground cover but wish to discourage people from walking on it.
Bark Mulch Description Typical uses
Bark Mulch
Bark Mulch. Click image to close.
Fir Bark Mulch This has various uses. It provides a useful material for childerns playgrounds, and garden beds.
Composted Bark Mulch
Composted Bark Mulch. Click image to close.
Composted Bark Mulch For use in garden beds to suppress weed growth and retain moisture during hot summer months.
Lava Rock Description Typical uses
Black Lava Rock
Black Lava Rock. Click image to close.
Black Lava Rock
3" Minus
Used in garden beds.
Red Lava Rock
Red Lava Rock. Click image to close.
Red Lava Rock
3/4" - 1 1/4"
Used in garden beds.
Sand Description Typical uses
Concrete Sand
Concrete Sand. Click to close.
Concrete Sand This sand is slightly more coarse than Masonry sand and is useful in concrete mixes.
Masonry Sand
Masonry Sand. Click to close.
Masonry Sand A fine grained sand used in masonry projects. This sand serves well as a sand for sweeping over pavers to finish the job. Also a nice sand for sand boxes.
Gravel Description Typical uses
Rock Dust
Rock Dust. Click to close.
Rock Dust
3/8" Minus
Rock dust is useful as a screeding layer for laying pavers. It's fine particle size makes leveling easy and it compacts well. It can also be used on it's own as a 'rough' pathway.
Crushed Limestone
Road Base. Click to close.
Road Base
3/4" Minus
Road base compacts well and can be used as a base material for artificial turf and pavers or used for 'unfinished' walkways. Due to the mix of fine particles it should not be used where good drainage is required e.g. behind retaining walls.
Navvy Jack
Navvy Jack. Click to close.

Navvy Jack

Navvy Jack compacts well and can be used as a base material. It can also be used for mixing concrete. It contains fines.
Clear Crush
Clear Crush. Click to close.

Clear Crush Granite

This material is excellent where good drainage is required. It contains no fine particles.


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